The Skeleton Spectre


2. April 2020
Daeth Daemon
Blood Blast Distribution
Producer: Daeth Daemon
Number of discs: 1


  1. Daethmask Nygramant
  2. Refused Obedience
  3. Well of Torment
  4. Blood-Soaked Altar
  5. Grotesque Morbidity


  • T.K – Guitar/Bass
  • C.K. – Drums
  • S.M. – Vocals
  • A.P. – Guitar


  • All Songs by T.K. and C.K.
  • Lyrics by T.K.
  • Logo by T.K.
  • Guest Solo on „Grotesque Morbidity“ by Präsident Günter Maier
  • Soundscapes on „Daethmask Nygramant“ and „Grotesque Morbidity“ by Hajot Gmeilbauer
  • Music recorded at KK-Studios by Krys Koenig
  • Vocals recorded at Hexenberg Studio by S.M.
  • Additional recordings at Klangschmiede Norikum by Hajot Gmeilbauer
  • Mixed and Mastered at Woodshed Studios by V. Santura
  • Cover Conception by T.K., S.M. and Bartholomäus Resch
  • Cover Art inspired by Jean-Paul Laurens
  • Band Photos Conception by T.K.
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