Span of Æons



  1. Daethspell Glacier
  2. Extermination-Ghost
  3. Feasting the Swines
  4. Anticipation of Evil
  5. Twisted Pariah
  6. Abyss of Alienation
  7. Fall of the Sulphur Angel
  8. Walls of Enslavement
  9. Nocturnal Crossroads


  • T.K – Guitar/Bass
  • C.K. – Drums
  • S.M. – Vocals
  • A.P. – Guitar


  • All songs written by T.K. and C.K.
  • Recorded at KK-Studios by Krys Koenig, Austria
  • “Daethspell Glacier“ written by Krys Koenig
  • Mixed and Mastered at Woodshed Studios by V. Santura, Germany
  • Vocals recorded at Hexenberg Studio by S.M., Germany
  • Bass on “Walls of Enslavement” by Bartholomäus Resch
  • Guest Vocals on “Walls of Enslavement” by Martin Schirenc, Recorded at Vato Loco Studio, Austria
  • Guest Vocals on “Fall of the Sulphur Angel” by Mäxx Chrusher
  • Keyboard arrangement by T.K. and C.K., conducted by H.J.
  • “Abyss of Alienation” is a rework of the original poem by Rainer Maria Rilke
  • Cover conception by T.K. and C.K.
  • Cover Design and Layout by Alex „Irrwisch“ Trinkl
  • „Ice Scenery“ painted by Deuteromali
  • „Frozen Couple“ (remake) originally by Zdzisław Beksiński
  • Back Cover Artwork „Tu Quoque Mi Fili“ by Macchabée Artworks

Band Logo by T.K.

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