Shadows of Light


Passion for music, art and a deep reverence for nature: Shadows of Light combines the loud and soft tones of life into a great whole. Into a work that does not offer opinions, but provides thought-provoking impulses. The central setting is a mountain pasture in the middle of the Austrian Alps, where tradition and zeitgeist are not contradictory. This also applies to the summer solstice, which is celebrated with international artists and gives Shadows of Light a coherent framework. However, it is not the rigid imitation of customs that is central, but rather living the primordial in the here and now, as well as becoming and passing away, searching and finding – recognizing shadows and light as part of an eternal cycle and understanding oneself as an element of it. For even the smallest spark can illuminate the darkness and cause a conflagration. It is the responsibility of each individual to decide which path to take, in which spirit to follow it and what to pass on

  • Music: Christian Höll and Philip Preuss
  • Supervisor: Martin Leitgeb
  • Creative Mind: Caroline Eßl
  • Dramatic Composition: Wolfgang Tonninger
  • Production Supervisor: Christian Höll
  • Director of Photography: Walter Fanninger
  • Edit: Walter Fanninger and Martin Leitgeb
  • Executive Producer: Walter Fanninger
  • Distribution: YOMO Distribution
  • Winner „Best European Documentary Film 2020“ at ECÚ – The European Independent Film Festival 
  • Official selection at the “Chicago Indie Film Awards” 2020
  • Nominated at the „Golden Short Film Festival“ 2020 in Italy in the category “Golden Documentary Short”
  • Nominated at „Dublin Independet Film Festival“ 2020 in the category „Best Cinematographer“
  • Winner of the monthly selection at the „Montreal Independent Film Festival“ 2020 as „Best Short Documentary
  • Nominated in the category „Best Feature Documentary“ at „Firm Film Festival“ 2020 in Spain
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